Tallinn Boys Choir was founded in 1988 by Lydia Rahula, artistic director and chief conductor of the choir. The conductors of the concert choir are Tomi Rahula and Kuno Kerge. There are over a hundred boys in the choir studio including. There are two study choirs.

The concert choir is a classic boys' choir (SATB), where boys from 10 to 15 years old and young men over the age of 16 sing. 40-50 singers will sing in the concert. Practiced three times a week. Many boys learn and play some whistle.

The choir's repertoire is comprehensive: from choral to vocal polyphony, from Estonian to spiritual. In co-operation with several internationally recognized conductors and orchestras, Tallinn Boys' Choir has produced great forms of well-known composers from Beethoven, Honegger, Saint-Saёns, Bach, Mozart and others. For example: this year's palm-tree party will be performed by J.Bach's oratorio “John Passion”, which was sung in 2017 in Israel, Lithuania and Tallinn. The choir boys have performed in several operas by the Estonian National Opera (Verdi's "Don Carlos", Puccini's "Boheem", etc.).


The choir has performed in 30 foreign countries, in some of them several times. Apart from Europe, Japan, Thailand, China, Canada, USA; has performed with the Vienna Boys' Choir, the American Boys' Choir and many other world-renowned boys' choirs.

The Boys' Choir has been a success and recognition at several international choir competitions - Vienna, Toulosa, Rimini and others. Four Grand Prix at the international choral competition in Tampere, Olomouc, Moscow and Malta are home.

Tallinn Boys Choir concerts have been recorded on several foreign radio and television channels. The choir has 4 CDs and 2 DVDs.


Tallinn Boys Choir homepage: www.tallinnapoistekoor.ee, Tallinn Boys' Choir on facebook.com


Foto: Kaupo Kikkas




  • 1992 – II place in mixed choir category and special prize for the best performance of Franz Schubert song in International Franz Schubert Choir Competition Vienna.
  • 1993 – GRAND PRIX, 3 gold pendant dimploma and Best Conductor reward in Tampereen Sävel (Tampere Vocal Music Festival), Finland
  • 1994 – III place in mixed choir category in Tallinn Choir Festival
  • 2004 – GRAND PRIX and I place mixed choir category in VIII International Children’s and Youth Choir Festival Moscow Sounds in Moscow, Russia. Conductor reward for Lydia Rahula.
  • 2009 – Gold medal (99 points) in mixed choir category (conductor Lydia Rahula) and Gold medal (95 points) in male category (conductor Tomi Rahula) Olomouc VII International Choir Festival Musica Religiosa in Czech.koorifestival ”
  • 2011 - Lithuania, Klaipeda  - 18th Intervńational Stasys Śimkus Choir Competition
    • I place children choirs category (SSAA) conductor  Lydia Rahula
    • I place youth choir category (SATB) conductor Lydia Rahula
    • III place Equal voices category (conductor Tomi Rahula)



  • 1998 – I place in A-category in male and boys’ choir competition, Tallinn.
  • 2002 – I place in D- category in ensembles competition, Paide
  • 2003 – II place in national soloists competition, Tallinn
  • 2004 – I place in D-group and II place in E-group in boys ensemble competition, Haapsalu
  • 2009 – I and III palce in national soloists competition, Jõhvi
  • 2011 – II palce in national soloists competition, Viljandi
  • 2011 – I place in D-group, I place in E-group in boys ensemble competition, Rapla
  • 2011 – I place in ensembles competition 'Volüüm', Paide


  • 1990 Sweden, Germany, Finland
  • 1991 Poland, Germany, Finland
  • 1992 Austria, Norway, Lithuania
  • 1993 Germany, Finland, Netherlands
  • 1994 Netherlands, Germany, Sweden, Finland
  • 1995 Sweden, Finland
  • 1996 USA, Hungary
  • 1997 Japan, Latvia, Portugal
  • 1998 Russia, Latvia, Finland
  • 1999 Finland, Germany (repeatedly)
  • 2000 Canada
  • 2001 Finland, Russia
  • 2002 Finland
  • 2003 Canada (Newfoundland)
  • 2004 Russia, Germany, Finland
  • 2005 Thailand, Poland, Germany
  • 2006 Lithuania, Latvia
  • 2007 Germany (repeatedly)
  • 2008 Finland, Prantsusmaa
  • 2009 Czech
  • 2010 Russia, Findland, Germany
  • 2011 Russia, Lithuania
  • 2012 Italy
  • 2013 Spain
  • 2014 Czech
  • 2015 Malta, Finland
  • 2017 Israel, Lithuania
  • 2018 China